Why I switched from Twitter to blog

August 31, 2019 - 1 min read

On Twitter to gain followers you need to be funny 😂 or you need to be promoted by someone who has many followers 👥 Without that you need to depend on Twitter’s algorithm.

I’m not so good at telling jokes nor at creating memes in English 😒 I often struggle with thinking that I’m not grammatically correct. So this option is out.

I don’t have any famous Twitterer (is this how you call people sending Tweets?) in my network who could RT my tweet 🤷‍♂️

I was tweeting from time to time, but I failed ☠️

I’m an engineer 👨‍💻 and an indie maker 🚀, however without the network I can’t share any interesting news from the dev world nor share my new products.

Today I decided to make a blog that will help me in building my network. Plus it will help me improve my English skills. I hope that Google will help me with organic searches 🤖

Disclaimer: I’m not quitting Twitter 🐦 I’ll continue reading it, though I’ll write only on my blog (besides some tweet shares 😝).

To future me: good job 👍