8 ideas for your next startup

August 31, 2019 - 1 min read

While ago I tried to do a weekly challenge on Twitter for myself. Generating new product ideas each week. It was tweeted under #TuesdayIdeas 🚀

Here’s the list of those 8 ideas:

1. Street chat 🗺️

Allow users to talk to each other by street on which they live

2. Gift Advisor 🎁

App a la Akinator that guess the best gift for your beloved

3. Cloud CR ☁️

Pull request in a cloud with shareable link for any code reviewer

4. Price Match 💵

Know how much users would pay for your product

5. Do To View 👀

Embeddable script that requires answer to question, drawing, like, tweet, watching ads, etc. to view the content

6. Remote Company 🌴

List of companies that allows remote work

7. GeoChat 📍

Chat with people in 100m radius

8. Resource Monitor 🤖

List of resources which employee has access to